The tool that I have created is called the Pill Implant . This is created with an autoinjector, which is a medical tool used to give the holder a dose of any drug that is needed, and a pill holder. With these 2 objects, an astronaut could take an emergency pill or an emergency shot which will assist in any negative reaction or act the astronaut is having. For example, if anyone in NASA ever has some type of allergic reaction to something, eating the pill or using the autoinjector will hopefully fix the problem or at least keep it under wraps depending on what type of drug/medication it is. The Pill Implant looks like a small gray tube with a sort of box on the front. That is where the pill goes. It holds a maximum of 3 pills. The pill-injector doesn’t hold much fluid, but it should hold enough to calm your symptoms down. I hope my creation can get far into the NASA tools they use on space.

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