The idea behind this project is,astronauts have to work out in order to be able to move around easily on the space station,doing all this workout will leave you in some pain.Astronauts should massage their muscles so that you are not left in pain after a workout.In this case, this project will be a massager and a hammer.This massager will be used for legs and arms, considering the fact that astronauts need to work out these parts of the body. Astronauts need to workout to avoid the physiological effects of microgravity. All this information was found on Rings will be included in case of hand cramps while using the other end of the tool which would be a hammer. There was a hammer incorporated to this object to make corrections or modifications. This information was found on look is a long tube with rings around the tube section,and a round tipped point at the end of one side.This part will be the massage section the other end will be the hammer.

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