The Wastewater Collector is designed to take in waste and dehydrate it in order to create moisture. This moisture will be transferred to the International Space Station’s filtration system to be repurposed as clean water. The two items that are combined to make the water, are a garbage can and the filtration system located on the International Space Station. This was chosen because it would help the astronauts stay on the space station for a longer amount of time, so that less trips would have to be made, saving fuel, time, and supplies. This would also save around $20-$40 million because that is the average cost of a spacecraft to be sent up to the International Space Station. In order to use the Wastewater Collector, astronauts will place garbage into the system and then close the lid. Then they will press the button on the side to activate it and let it dehydrate the waste which will be sent through a tube to the filtration system. Then later, they can drink the renewed water.

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