My tool is a combination of a hammer, a phillips screwdriver, and a flathead screwdriver with a storage compartment built into the handle. When I was researching I learned that astronauts use a lot of common tools like screwdrivers. My tool will be very helpful when working in a small space or on a task that has to be done quickly since time won’t be wasted changing tools. I learned that hammers can be used to chip samples of rock or other hard materials. Screwdrivers and flathead screwdrivers can be used to fix equipment that brakes such as training equipment. My tool looks like a hammer however, the claw that would normally be found on a hammer is now the screwdrivers. They are angled outwards to make them more efficient tools. At the bottom of the handle there is a container built in with a small sliding door that can be opened by pushing it side to side. It can be filled with nails, screws, or samples(not included), so if they are needed, you will have them right in your hand.

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