My design combines a clip and wrenches, with the bonus feature of a flathead screwdriver. One of the best ways to attach things in space is to clip them together. Without any gravity, things tend to float away, inconveniencing the astronauts and wasting their valuable time. Therefore, I knew that in my design I wanted to incorporate a clip to try and help solve this problem. In trying to figure out what to combine with a clip, I took virtual tours of the ISS through YouTube videos and Google Street View. I noticed that the most abundant tools were wrenches and screwdrivers. I wanted to create a design that was not only innovative, but practical and would actually be used often by astronauts. With this goal in mind, I set out to combine these everyday objects (for ISS astronauts anyways) with a clip. My design is easy to print and use all over the station. This way, there can be clips used throughout the ISS, and if astronauts need a screwdriver or wrench, one won’t be too far away.

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