The problem that spacesuits’ gloves are not particularly flexible has led to the creation of special, larger tools to account for the lack of flexibility. This device does not necessarily invalidate the usefulness of those tools, as it cannot be used with something large and heavy like a hammer or mallet, however, it makes it possible for a wrench, screwdriver, or other objects that are of a similar size and weight to be gripped while wearing a spacesuit. This can be done by inserting the two sides of the securer into the container, then depending on the size of object you’re gripping, adjusting the securer with the rod, to accommodate varying sizes of objects. In addition to this, the securer can also be used as a lid for the container, giving it the ability to store small objects while they are not in use. Once lined up with the container, the lid can actually slide around to accommodate varying sizes of objects.

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