The tool combination I chose was a tweezer-knife. This tool is a pair of green tweezers with a small scalpel knife at the end. I made this tool to be used as a medical and casually used item. If someone is hurt, the combined tool can be used to cut and remove the item from the wound. The type of scalpel I based the knife on was in fact a number 11 surgical scalpel. Both scalpels and tweezers are ancient tools used for surgery and casual use and will be great tools for being in space. One common problem in space is small objects being lost in tight spaces. This will help being able to cut through and remove the object in one used tool. The first scalpel made was made out of obsidian and was used during the bronze age. The original tweezers were used in Egypt for cooking. The reason I chose this idea was because both tools have been used since ancient times and both work very well together. That is why I made a tweezer-knife combination as my project.

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