These two tools contain two screwdrivers, a flat head and a Phillips head and three nut drivers. Either head of the screwdriver can fit inside through the top of the nut drivers to make one tool. The yellow part of the piece has the two screwdrivers, one a flat head and one a Phillips head. The orange piece has three different sized nut drivers built into the side of a cylinder. The end of the yellow piece can fit into the space in the top of the cylinder with the nut drivers.This tool also has a handle to hold onto so you don’t lose it while you are working. This is useful because on it is said that an astronaut lost a 1,000 dollar bag due to it floating away. “ A tool bag lost...The $1,000 tool bag plunged toward the earth and burned up”( The need for basic screwdriver is shown by the Humble screwdriver. The screwdriver can be used to repair the Hubble space telescope. Astronauts could use this tool to fix smaller telescopes also.

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