This device is the two in one liquid fertilizer pouring can and the seed storage. For the space gardens on the ISS, they are hoping they can grow food in space instead of continuously sending supplies from Earth. By being able to grow lettuce, vegetable, and fruits in space, it would provide fresh, healthy food with many nutrients for the astronauts instead of freeze dried food. In order to grow fruits you will need seeds. One end of the device has a seed storage end with holes so that you can shake seeds into the dirt. Conveniently you can pour the liquid fertilizer on the other end to help the plants grow. It has a small, square hole on the side of the seed shaker part to put seeds into the shaker. The liquid fertilizer part has a triangular spout so that it’s easy to pour the fertilizer accordingly to how much the plant needs. Otherwise too much would be poured which could get messy. Being able to grow food is quite important on long duration missions.

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