My 3D printing project is on a scalpel mixed with a scooper. The reason why I put a spoon or scoop at the end of the scalpel is because when you make incisions into your body you do not want blood all over over your hands. So the material being used is stainless steel, but plastic will be fine to use. Other uses for the scalpel is to cut bags open and use to eat food. You can also use the spoon side to catch onto things if you start to float away into gravity. You can also cut plants and collect the plants with the spoon part of the tool. Because the tool is very sturdy you might be able to fix other things such as nails, bolts, and other complicated hardships in life. Another use for the spoon side of the tool is to use as an actual spoon or use to collect floating items out of reach. Overall the tool is a bit wacky and weird, but you’ll find loads of use in the space to use this item.

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