My two-for-the-crew creation, the Utility Magnifier Assy, was conceived by combining a Utility Knife and Pocket Magnifier. It consists of a retractable utility knife on one side, and a magnification item on the other. The retractable utility knife is inspired by elements of a box-cutter knife and a mouse wheel, and an internal gearing system would allow the user to “scroll” the knife in or out of the shaft of the item. The magnifier is inspired by a microscope, and the user would look through the aperture on the shaft of the object, which would consist of an adjustable lens that would allow the user to magnify an item up to 25 times its original size. The magnifier would also include lens protectors. Since ABS plastic cannot be used to manufacture lenses or mirrors, this would need to be added to the design. The gear-wheel system could be concealed to allow the user better accessibility to the magnification setting on the other side of the shaft.

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