The device I have created is the multi-functional handle. This device is simply the handle of that on a screwdriver, with two different accessory tools. These extras pieces are, a flat head screwdriver and a Phillips head screwdriver. Both of these accessories are very easy to swap out between one another. These two things are very commonly used tools that can help a lot. All of these parts, the handle and the extras, are made out of plastic. The handle measurements are 15x25x85 (in millimeters); the Phillips head screwdriver is 15x25x20; and the flat head is 15x25x25 (both in millimeters). This device would be very useful on the ISS because it is designed to fit the astronauts hand, even when he/she is wearing their suit. Their thick space suits usually make it challenging for the astronauts to get a better grip on the tool they are using. The design of this handle will make it easier for the astronauts to have a sturdy grip on whatever tool they might be using.

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