One challenge NASA has is that bringing all the tools needed for the Space Station is difficult because they are too heavy for lift off and take up too much space. If we combine tools, the astronauts would need to take less and there would be more room for other items that are needed.The problem is that if the astronauts need to repair or fix something, everything is made up of nuts and bolts. Also there is no gravity which makes using other tools difficult. The challenge is that the astronauts’ hand gets tired and fatigued. My tool, the Gripper Cutter, is going to be a wire cutter and a hammer all in one. The wire cutter will cut wires that need to be shorter, the hammer will be for hammering nails or hammering other stuff that need to be fastened. It is special because it has a hook for the pistol-grip tool and it also has a bunch of little screw drivers that the astronauts can use over and over.

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