For the “Two For The Crew Challenge”, I created an almost pouch like product. My product is called “The Water Way of Life”.This has combined a water bottle and a pot for growing plants in space. It’s a box like shape with a whole in it. My device also has a clip that comes with the pouch to hold the water in and keep in to one side when drinking from it. Using research that I found, it states that astronauts drink from pouches that are open and they squeeze to one side for drinking. The clip acts as the hand squeezing the pouch. They grow plants in pouchlike containers that are filled with nutrients,water ,and fertilizer. They are taped down so they do not float away of course. I felt as if by combining these two things it would take up less volume and space in the International Space Station. You can have easy access to my project and it is lightweight so it will not make the ISS heavier than it already is. “The Water Way of Life” is what every International Space Station needs!

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