Volume is a serious issue that every astronaut in space faces. Thanks to multi-functioning tools, they are able to saving space. In this year’s space challenge, I did a syringe that connects to an Endrotracheal tube. The syringe is easy to use to give medicine to astronauts. This tube is easy for the astronauts to get enough air in their systems to function. This it’s very useful for doing many medical procedures. According to the website, http://www.governmentattic.org/19docs/NASA-ISSmedicalEmergManual_2016.pdf, they use the syringe and tube a lot. By combining them, it’s save space and time. Also, according to this website, they have a lot of tubes in their medical kits. This is again a save of space. This also easier for the astronauts to use on each other. They are able to help get air down their throats while giving medicine in which they would have otherwise struggled to do. Overall, by combining this tube and syringe, it makes it’s easier and more space convenient.

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