“Hand Rhovel”
According to research, someday astronauts may be able to grow food and use plants to clean the spaceship air in space. So, I have created a dual-purpose tool to assist the astronauts when space planting becomes and real-life task. Appearance wise, my tool, a hybrid of a hand rake and a shovel, displays a simpler way to plant while also being efficient and saving room. The item that I’ve created is a way for the astronauts to plant methodically and be able to print in ABS with a size requirement of 100 mm by 140 mm by 100 mm into space. I decided to surround my project solely on the idea of space planting because it gives the chance to prepare for the future. When planting in space becomes an option, the astronauts will have the choice of growing their food, saving them room on the spaceship, and therefore weighing less. The space travelers will have the chance to travel into the world of planting and use my tool accordingly.

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