Imagine a world where astronauts could 3D print a device that could be used for multiple things and take up less volume than the one tool. Well they could with the help of this one tool, the Wrammdriver. The Wrammdriver isn’t a tool only astronauts could use, but everyone. It is a combination of multiple tools like a wrench, hammer, and screwdriver.

If you need to hammer something in you could use the top part of the tool. Also if there are bolts that need to be tightened you could use the wrench. Then if you need to fix something that needs a flat head screwdriver you could use it in the middle. The screwdriver is in the middle to give you grip and comfort for when you are using this tool. I also added finger grips so you could have more comfort when you use this. If there were any damages on the space station they could use this device to fix the problem. This device could make the astronauts think twice about bringing any extra tools with them.

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