I was originally not planning on combining an ocarina (an ancient wind instrument, with finger holes) and an easter egg when I started brainstorming for this project. They were completely individual ideas, both intended to be joined with something a bit more... practical. However, after looking at the ISS and other submissions, I realized that practicality would get me nowhere. Everything astronauts on the ISS need, in a practical situation, is already there or being submitted by fellow students. Thus, I felt that I should attack the problem of boredom. What could be more interesting, and frankly entertaining, than an odd looking, probably out of tune ocarina? Additionally, it converts handily into an easter egg, should the holiday happen to roll around. Astronauts will enjoy playing, listening to, and laughing at adapted versions of their favorite tunes played on the Egg-arina. Besides, who wouldn't want to participate in the greatest easter egg hunt ever: microgravity edition?

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