For my Two for the Crew 3-D model I created a Screwdriver/rope cutter that is connected by a grip.The total length of my model is 100 by 20 millimeters I chose these two tools because they had a lot of wires on the space station and they also had a lot of items screwed in place. For the screwdriver the tip is 4 millimeters and that is a size that can fit almost all types of screws. The rope cutter part of the model can be used for cutting wires and other items they need to cut. The rope cutter is shaped like a sharpened pick and comes to a point at the end. The sharpened end can be used the cut wires, rope, tape, etc and can be used to get small particles out of cramped area that a finger couldn’t fit into. While looking up the most common tools used by astronauts in space a screwdriver was one of them so, it would be a lot easier to produce them on the ISS instead of having to keep bringing more after they break or they don't fit the screws which would cost a lot of money.

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