My tool is good to use on the spaceship because when there is an emergency you don’t have to grab five different tools to fix the problem,only one. What I have chosen to do is four different size bolt tighteners and a hammer; which I am calling the Bolt Hammer. The reason I have chosen the bolt tighteners and the hammer to partner together, is because I think that they are harder to keep track of when they aren’t all separated, but the way I have designed it makes it easier to keep track of the tools because they are all in one place, and you only have to look in one drawer to find it. Another reason you should chose my tool is because it is also easy to use and it is durable. The way this tool is made is that the hammer and bolt tighteners of the tool are all connected so they won’t come apart. It is also thick so it won’t break easily and will be easy to use on metal objects. Also the fact that it is a hammer which is an item used in everyday life and every teen/adult can use one.

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