The ClampPro is a board connected to a clamp. The board is printed with a hard plastic layered until thick enough. The hand-held clamp is attached in the middle with a screw and has a clamp on either side of the board. The clamp will be printed out of a metal or even harder plastic to withstand pressure. Since astronauts use clipboards and clamps everyday they are on the International Space Station, it was a good idea to combine them. The ClampPro can be a clipboard or a blocker, something to keep stuff down. The clipboard purpose is if they need something to write on in the moment, astronauts can clamp it somewhere and write. The ClampPro can be a blocker because if something is slipping out of the wires holding stuff down, this object can be clamped onto the wire and prevent them from coming out. The ClampPro could help atstronauts organize and save space. There are many other uses, but it is better if the object is physically printed. Just wait and see!

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