During a long journey in space, astronauts will need as much room as possible. I combined a wrench and a screwdriver. I call my creation the Wrench Driver. The Wrench Driver will come in handy for the astronauts. The material of the wrench tool will be ABS plastic. My tool will save space in the space shuttle.Two tools in one will only take up the amount of space of one tool on their tool belt. The wrench side of my tool can be used for multiple tasks such as removing or tightening of nuts in or outside of the shuttle.The screwdriver side is also used for removing and tightening of screws. It can also be used as a small pry bar if needed. I also incorporated a hole in it so a lanyard can be attached if needed. With minor adjustments to the design, you could have different size wrenches with different screw heads. Such as a clutch head, torx, phillips or a bristle head. In conclusion, my tool the wrench driver has an unlimited amount of possibilities.

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