This Two For The Crew design came from findings that ISS work environments are very closed in and there are lots of tight spaces where things in and might be hard to get.It is important for them to be easy to use so a familar basic tool was picked to start with. The basic tool, a pliers, is common in their tool drawers, but this one special because it's a 'flexure' pliers. It's good for this use because it can grab little things with care and it is also 3D prints one continuous piece of ABS! To get things maybe a bit larger or farther in, the second feature tool is a set of finger grabbers, actuated by the very same squeezing action! Very easy to figure out and use! The fingers print better separately but still easily within the allowed space and assembly is simple. In fact, if one wants to use the flexure pinchers without the finger grabbers then the finger piece can be temporarily removed. This my product in action!

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