I have created a robot and decided to call him Smart Robo. I have decided that name because he is a robot, but we didn’t want to name it a simple name like robot I wanted a much smarter robot I wanted a new kind of robot a brand new one. To make our Smart Robo smarter I needed to add something and I did gave him something, a bracelet. The bracelet is not for fashion it is actually the main part of the robot . What the bracelet does is always keep the rocket ship and the astronauts connected to earth. The bracelet also tracks the astronauts and checks if they are alive or if they are ok or if they need any help. The bracelet mite be the main part of the robot but the robot is also for safety and what keeps the astronauts and the rocket ship safe and always connected to earth or NASA or even the International Space Station. I hope you enjoy my invention.

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