This object is meant to combine the functions of all current forms of cable restraint aboard the I.S.S. The two halves clamp together horizontally creating space for four cables of varying gauges. However, the simple pattern can easily be repeated to fit more cables and the entire object can be scaled up or down depending on the gauge of the cables in need of restraint. Screw slots on either side of the bracket allow it to be easily secured to surfaces.
Ideally, this object will make cables easier to trace, service, and organize cables. If cables were organized and secured properly, the environment aboard the I.S.S. would have much less of a risk of crew members becoming entangled, and electronic devices becoming unplugged accidentally.
When mounted to the wall, the slots can also be used as a rack for pencils, pens, screwdrivers of varying sizes and anything else that will fit as long as the bracket is scaled properly.

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