In space, astronauts may get injured and require serious medical attention. For example an astronaut's airway may be blocked preventing them from breathing, they would need to cut a hole in the barbell neck press, and then put a straw so they can breathe(the magnifying glass would to make sure you cut the hole in the right place). So I've created a two in one tool to help somebody perform a medical procedure just like the example I gave. Its a magnifying glass and a scalpel(100mm 140mm 100mm). It will be solid hard on both ends but in the middle it should be soft and flexible so you are able to bend it. There will be a button in the middle to push in order to access the scalpel. When you're done using the scalpel, press the button and it will go back inside, this will help to prevent injures. The space station would provide the biconvex lens for the magnifying glass. This will help you see closely and clearly when giving medical attention.

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