For my project I made a wrench-driver. This device is made up of a wrench and a screwdriver combined. Both of these tools are very useful to astronauts. On the space station, astronauts need wrenches to help them assemble or disassemble objects. They also need wrenches in order to tighten up nuts and bolts to make sure that everything stays intact and put together while on their journey. Screwdrivers can also be very helpful to astronauts. They need screwdrivers in order help them build new objects and to repair items on the space station. Astronauts don’t have much space on the station and therefore will need to assemble items as they need them instead of having them packed preassembled. On a space station there is limited space so it is important to manage the area and volume of items as well as possible. With the wrench-driver, the astronauts are able to have two important tools combined down into the size of one, which makes it the perfect tool for use in space.

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