The design that made is a wrench combined with a small container. The container is used for any small things these astronauts need to carry around, while the wrench is for any fixing up they need to do around the spacecraft. The container and wrench are connected by a rod so you can use the wrench without the bottom of the container getting in the way. When researched what astronauts needed on the space station, the information showed that astronauts carried around many small items. Maybe a container may help with finding and separating many small items.The small container helps to keep things in place with zero gravity. NASA.Gov said that astronauts use many tools like hammers and wrenches to fix and clean up the iss on their free time. Stack exchange explains that they use the wrench on the iss to tighten and arrange bolts. The small size of the items are easy to carry and don't have much mass when printed in ABS plastic. The items are useful around and about the iss.

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