The “Crescent Moon” combines an adjustable crescent wrench with a high strength textured plier, tools that are frequently used together. Its lightweight and effective interior infill affords it the complexity and strength of existing tools with reduced cost and increased flexibility. The adjustable crescent wrench is able to expand up to 18 mm and can be rotated 90 degrees for use in tight spaces. A notable design feature is the wrench’s adjustable width assembly. By utilizing both slip fit and snap fit features, I was able to create a freely rotating knurled worm-screw. The astronauts can safely apply pressure from the secondary handle, thanks to additional support located around the joint of the pliers. The strength bar and recessed inlet located at the base of each arm provide increased stability and durability. In addition to the two main tools, the implement contains a clip capable of use for temporary storage since floating objects are a major safety concern for astronauts.

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