The design I have decided to create is a robot with built in shelves and comes with a remote. Our design’s remote has the time it is on Earth and it will be easy to communicate to the International Space Station (ISS) and friends and family. This machine will also come with a remote that can open the drawers and has a dial pad to call the station. The amazing machine can perform amazing repairs to the astronaut’s ship which is why it will also has a magnets on its feet to stick to your ship in case the ship needs repairs.The magnets can also help this little device to stay on the bottom of the metal ship because it wouldn’t float with zero gravity. The special trait about our device is that it is very helpful, is what we think it is. The device has a hand that you can either put a hammer, screwdriver, etc, in its hand and it will do the astronaut’s job of fixing something, instead of the astronaut.

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