The Two for the Crew challenge is a great way to get creative and put two useful tools together. With the tools combined, it will be easier to access. I made a hammer combined with a wrench. In space, the hammer is not only used to put nails in the wall, but they also use it to chip rocks. As for the wrench, it would be used to fix or tighten anything needed. The reason I made this is because they are basic tools that are really useful and can be used for a lot of things. When these two tools are combined, they take up less mass and are in easier access. My designs put together are simple and basic tool designs that you’d see in a toolbox in your garage. The hammer is a tool that has a big cylinder on the front and on the back of its head I made a nail remover. The wrench is also a tool that is connected to the bottom of the hammer and is a polygon shape, just as any basic wrench design. My tools may be simple, but they are very resourceful.

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