In space, it is very difficult to brush your teeth. So, I decided to put together a toothbrush, toothpaste tube, and a tube of water. To use the “Easy Brush” , first squeeze a bit of water onto the brush. Astronaut Chris Hadfield says, “Toothbrushes soak up water nicely,” which means lack of gravity will not be a problem during this step. Then, squeeze the toothpaste out of the other tube connected to the Easy Brush. The astronaut would brush their teeth as normal, but with less work and less volume taken up. NASA states, “However, because of the microgravity environment, astronauts take care of themselves in different ways,” which informed me that because of the lack of gravity on the ISS, astronauts must live a very different lifestyle.The bristles on the Easy Brush are small, and the brush is very easy to refill with water and toothpaste. The Easy Brush speeds up the process of brushing your teeth, and will make astronauts morning and night routines on the ISS much simpler.

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