This unique mesh is designed to catch and hold both liquids (including coughs and sneezes) and solid particles (nail clippings, drill shavings) and replaces the need for wash cloth and storage unit.
The designed rings, when connected, create spaces (3mm approx.) in between for the surface tension of water to stick to the net, yet not allow objects like nail clippings to pass through. The weights on the corners, help to self close the net due to momentum.
In space water behaves differently. You can catch more water using surface tension, since, due to the lack of gravity, water not connected to the mesh does not fall to the ground, and the tension between water molecules is strong enough to bypass microgravity.
The design in the View 3D Mode is different, due to technical difficulty I am not able download the stl file with weights and handle. The design definitely works, it will not self close and there is no handle.

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