I created a device called the tester rake. It’s main purpose is for farming in space. The device contains a rake and an accessory I like to call the root tester. The rake’s main purpose is to even soil and keep it from floating upward. While the soil has been evened out the root tester comes into play. That is used to hook on to the plant and make it to the roots. Which in later times can tell you if it has been growing or not and maybe with a few tweaks or edits could later tell you how long it is. The device is a yellow color with a 10 cm. rake with 21 spikes and a pole connecting the rake to the root tester which is a 1.6 cm. Cylinder with a 1 cm. hole that connects to the plant. I chose the color yellow so that under the soil you could tell that it was still on the plant. For farming in space has a lot of problems with it. Some of those problems are, reduced gravity on other places, and reduced radiation. For example on Mars receives half of the radiation that Earth receives.

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