My Two for the Crew invention is the gardening fovel. It is a gardening fork and shovel combined. On a mission to Mars, you would need this because you can't take years worth of food. Since Mars is so far away, farming on site is a good alternative to bringing a lot of food. You only need a couple of seeds to plant and then you can re-plant the seeds that are reproduced by the plant. I got this idea by watching one of the Future Engineer videos. The video stated, “A space farm could grow food over and over and over again...that requires new space tools.” ( Space Food). The gardening fork can help because it will turn the soil that is packed down, so the plant can break through the soil and sprout. The shovel end of the fovel will be helpful because astronauts would need a shovel to help dig a hole to plant the seeds. The gardening fovel is a new invention that could help to start farming foods in space, so astronauts can go on longer missions.

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