For my project I created a pair of earplug holders. You can put standard earplugs in them, and on the other end, there is a small storage hold in them to hold things like screws, nuts, and bolts. If you are working with heavy machinery, it can be quite loud sometimes. This is why it is imperative that people wear ear protection at all times. It would also be helpful to have your ear protection have storage, so you can take out whatever tools that you may need for that specific job. Since there is very little gravity, you won’t need to worry about tiny pieces going everywhere when you open the storage container. It is a cylinder casing with plugs on the end to hold in the pieces. Losing parts in the International Space Station can be very detrimental, because if you lose one tiny part, it can be lost forever, and it can take a long time for new supplies to come in with the parts that you need. Plus, people on the International Space Station need all of space that they can get.

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