The PGT (Pistol Grip Tool) is a device commonly used on the ISS for maintenance. It has been used as a torque wrench in extremely pivotal missions and spacewalks like the replacement of its nickel-hydrogen cells with lithium ion batteries. My design for an adaptor system allows the PGT to be converted for use on any of the screw and bolt heads utilized both inside and outside the International Space Station. Pertaining to the challenge, the adaptor aims to give an already commonly used tool the capability to serve not only two, but multiple functions in space (only limited by design ability for the screw heads). The use of the adaptive system over other motor driven wrenches or other metallic adaptors would save small but valuable kilograms on the ISS. The STL file provided contains two adaptor designs (20mm radius x 60mm length each) and 8 distinct screw/bolt driver designs.

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