This design is made to kill two birds, with one stone. We realize that everything needs to be utilized in space. Even if out bodies can't find a place to put wastes. In our design, ISS Crew member no longer need to put their wastes in bags. When using the barroom, the waste will go through a powerful suction that leads to a purification system. The Purification System acts like like a filter for solids and liquids. It removes any toxins that would be harmful to plants. After moving though the Purification System, It keeps moving though the system and enter the box that contains the plants. The solid and liquids enter the bottom of the plant box (because red lights are at the top) and squeeze into the soil. The squeeze process is similar to how small kids play with play-doh. This in return, fertilized the soil and waters the plants that are provided for the ISS Space Station. This system puts everything in good use. Including the things our bodies don't need.

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