My design is a tool that combines the functions of a ruler, screwdriver, wrench, and ratchet in one compact design. My inspiration for this project was the multi-tools that I use and how much time and effort they save me. I figured if I could get so much help, then I could help out astronauts with their more complex tasks. The design was perfected through test prints which let me see how certain pieces printed and then adjust the sizing so they fit together and are not so fragile. The ratchet has a 3/8" drive. The sockets go from 6mm to 13mm, and screwdriver or hex key bits can be attached. There are flathead, Phillips, three, and five spoke screw bits. The hex key bits are 6, 8, 10, and 12mm. There is also a universal wrench that goes from 5mm to 16mm on the bottom. If printed with 10% infill the design uses 48.44 cm^3. Support material is optional but will help support the wrench on the bottom. The loop on the back is for a tether to prevent the tool floating away in zero gravity.

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