For my “Two For The Crew” idea, I decided to take the route of making a multi tool, which I’m assuming wasn’t the most unique idea ever, but it seemed simple and effective enough to take that road. Specifically, it’s a screw driver which works with hex-type sockets and allen keys. The body of the tool is a basic cylinder with another cylinder on top, which acts as a 13mm socket by itself. Around the main body of the tool is a tool belt which can hold up to eight sockets or allen key type tools, this was made for convenience as opposed to having a separate “box” to hold the individual tools. This tool is useful because it can supply quick, easy removal or application, disassembly or reassembly of an object. The tool belt provides very quick and easy change of tools, and the tool body is very small for easy storage. Overall it’s a very simple tool that serves a potentially very important purpose.

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