My invention is practical for not only experimenting, but the way astronauts must farm in space as well. This is 100% 3D printable. This is a handheld grabber combined with a rack that is capable of holding test tubes or if better usable, close the holes and you can flip the design completely upside down and this will maintain items floating in microgravity under the sides and bottom of the device. It will also prove useful in the farming aspect of this space trip. My research lead me to the conclusion that objects feel lighter when in people try to hold them microgravity. The growing of vital food is in test tubes and they can be broken easily if held too hard, but carefully using the tweezers can help. To experiment we’ll also need test tubes and other see through, fragile things to test the materials on Mars’ surface. You can also grab onto things a bit too far to reach. I firmly believe this device is practical for everyday Martian living.

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