For my Two for The Crew Challenge, I combined a comb and a bottle of shampoo to use when astronauts on the International Space Station are showering and washing their hair. In my research, I found that astronauts have to wash their hair by adding some water, then no-rinse shampoo, and then combing and letting their hair air dry. They attach all these shower materials to the wall with magnets, and I think it could be useful to save space by combining the shampoo and comb into one tool. In my design, I used Tinkercad to make a comb, and on the inside of the handle I created a compartment for shampoo. On the end, I added a door and hinge so that the liquid wouldn’t float out in the zero-gravity environment. The measurements are 70 x 140 x 11 mm. In the ISS, astronauts would use my tool by adding some shampoo to their hair when bathing, then using the same piece of equipment to comb after they’re finished. I think this tool could be useful on the ISS since hygiene is important.

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