Volume and space capacity is something all astronauts have difficulty facing. With the help of multi-functioning tools, these tools save much space for astronauts. With this year’s space challenge, I combined the adjustable wrench and the allen wrench. The astronaut can fasten, loosen, turn, or grip bolts or screws on the ISS, and if they needed it down fast they have the other tool with them. This is so they do not have to waste time going over to get more tools. The adjustable wrench looks just like a regular wrench, but with a spinning spring at the top to adjust to the appropriate size. Then, on the other end of the adjustable wrench, the allen wrench is connected. The allen wrench is an L shaped wrench that tightens to things together, like a screwdriver. The two wrenches come in different sizes and have different uses on the ISS. The allen wrench can be very small or fairly large. On the other hand, the adjustable wrench can come in different shapes.

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