Two of the tools that were combined was a flathead screwdriver and a mallet. The tool has a flathead screwdriver on one side with a connector to the middle section. The middle section is the part where to grip to hold the tool. Then, on the other side, there is a mallet which is similar to a hammer, is attached on the middle part. When trying to bolt a screw or nut, using the flathead screwdriver can tighten the nut. Then, on the other side of the tool, to make sure the nut is built in enough, using the mallet can tighten the nut. Also, to screw in the bolt on a hard surface, the mallet can force the bolt in harder. Also, when a repair is needed and the mallet and the flathead screwdriver are both needed, they can save time to repair the accident. There are over 50 computers on the International Space Station and each year there are accidents of broken pieces like wires and more. The space station is more than 350 feet long and to travel in no gravity, the tool can save time.

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