The fertilizing shovel is a shovel adjustable to prepare farm growth food on mars. No more letting human waste be wasted, you can now use it to fertilize food when on mars. Mars soil contains the perfect minerals for growing root vegetables while on mars. The tool saves volume by not just giving vitamins in your food but it can also save the amount of space that is provided for astronauts. Astronauts will not only have nutritious food for people that work hard, but it can be helpful with providing better equipment on the NASA space station, by not having the storage for frozen dried up foods. The design is to help you combine both materials the soil on mars and the human waste, the cylinder shaped object is the syringe which pushes the combination out. Usually astronauts dispose waste ,when they get back to earth. This can help to have longer trips when the storage tanks are full. Root plants are proven to provide all the natural vitamins that will help the human body.

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