This design stores and maintains items used on the International Space Station by combining the ability to stow objects on easy to access hooks and in an enclosed interior with it’s go anywhere clip for on the go or not work in a zero gravity environment. It’s easy to access hooks located on the front have the ability to store the average diameter of screwdrivers, pencils, and pens for quick and easy access in a highly productive work environment. While it also stores items such as screws, bolts, trash, and more in it’s enclosed interior located on the top to avoiding small objects from floating freely in zero gravity. While lastly, it can be attached to any thin material such as a pair of pants with it’s go anywhere clip located on the back for quick and easy access to items needed for everyday work. The combination of the storage aspect of the “Multi Clip Storage” with it’s go anywhere clip makes this item the handy two-in-one needed for the crew, all in a 64.53mmX46.5mmX85mm region.

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