The Multi-Helper is a mixture of the main tools needed to survive in space. Made completely of ABS plastic, the Multi-Helper is durable and a necessity in space. Without the tools, astronauts wouldn't be able to fix the problems needed to keep their craft and station in tact. Faulty wiring, loose screws, and broken machinery can all be fixed by one tool. Using a Multi-Helper can let you carry closer to five pounds of plastic instead of carrying all the tools separately carrying a large tool and all the necessary mods for it. A main tool used in space, the pistol grip, can be too bulky to carry around along with all the parts needed to change the type of tool needed to be used. The Multi-Helper combines everything the pistol grip had into one smaller, more exquisite tool. Many times, astronauts need a tool but can't find it. If they carry around the Multi-Helper, all their tools are in one. The Multi-Helper can be the next fix for astronauts in space.

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