The MX- Pod is a communication radio and a iPod all in one; enjoy music and talk with friends on Earth and beyond. The MX- Pod has a main base of an ipod, a wide touch pad, headphone jack, and a screen. On the spaceship astronauts are allowed to bring iPods to space, but because of no connection they can not talk or communicate with others. Plus, the communication radio also allows astronauts to communicate with others, but the MX- Pod allows you to do both! The MX- Pod will allow astronauts to download any music or app on their device for entertainment purposes and apps and music will still be able to be heard or played while on the spaceship. With the communication part the device will give and receive calls like any smartphone, but will use radio waves to communicate, because a smartphone is not long lasting and will deactivate quickly in space, but the MX- Pod will still be able to work and is long lasting while not being deactivated.

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