My invention for the Two for the Crew is a storage pen. The storage pen is a pen that you can write with, with a container on the other side. The container part of the invention is for collecting samples. There is a screw pictured on the side is on the inside of the storage pen is what is inside the invention keeping the storage container and pen together. The other piece near the pen’s end is the pen cap to cap the pen. Researching my project was a little difficult but I had to think outside the box. I had to think of something no one would come up with. Other than just collecting samples and putting them in a bag, you can now write down a description of what you have collected all in one. This storage pen is very useful because if you are examining something in space, you would need a paper, pen, and container. To help with gravity issues, the storage pen is a two in one so you only have to carry two things. This product will be made of plastic and the ballpoint is metal.

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