This design is targeting the tools aspect of the project. It combines a hexagon wrench and a cutter. When looking at the pictures of the toolboxes that are on the International Space Station, it appeared that there are quite a few hexagon wrenches in various sizes. This design takes eight of those hexagon wrenches and makes them into one. When watching videos of the astronauts eating it appeared that scissors kept getting used to open up the meals. So with this tool instead of having to keep grabbing scissors, the tool can be attached to the suit to be accessed at any time necessary. This would make using hexagon wrenches way easier and if needed, the tool can be used as a cutter to either cut the meals open or for other projects that something needs to be cut. This is important because it would solve the time issue with having to go back and forth and grab different sized hexagon wrenches. It would also make accessing the MRE’s much easier without having to grab scissors.

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